Monge-Foods was born in the Valencian Community (Alicante - Spain) of the conjunction of the talent of people of diverse geographical origins. Precisely that makes our strength, based on selecting with knowledge, experience and rigor the best of each region of Spain.

Eager to provide our customers with top quality products from the land, we select from each territory the best delicatessen under our Vallée-Monge brand, offering a range of products such as local wines, extra virgin olive oils and various products of table.

Being the quality, the first requirement of our customers, it can only be "Simply natural".

Our Winery

In Bodegas y Viñedos Vallée-Monge we produce, produce and market the best wines in the Mancha area. We have 120 hectares of vineyards and an old winery equipped with the most modern technical means, which allows us to faithfully produce the new wines of the old Mancha.

Facilities and Equipment

  • Technical, commercial and administrative area.
  • Tasting room, 180 m2 in a classroom perfectly prepared for training and visits.
  • Laboratory where all the analyzes are carried out to monitor our wines.
  • Jaraiz, where you start working with the grapes in the destemming and pressing.
  • Nave de Blancos and Nave de Tintos, where the old concrete jars have been replaced by stainless steel tanks, for the elaboration of our wines.
  • Cold Equipment, Stabilization and Bottling Plant.
  • Warehouse Storage bottling for expedition .
  • Aging and aging wine cellar, oak barrels, with a capacity for 800 barrels and 150,000 bottles.
  • Fully equipped meeting and congress room.

Our history

In the middle of 2001, the restoration of an old warehouse of the 19th century began, with the intention of preserving the old structure, maintaining the stone walls, the Arabic roof tile, the internal structure of pine wood and the rehabilitation of areas in disuse, adding the latest technological advances in winemaking.

With a winemaking tradition of three generations, all the activity is started by manually planting vineyards of the airén variety towards the 1950s. Little by little and with much effort the plantation was expanded, all in a glass under the traditional system, planting especially the white airén variety and some red garnacha plot, until practically reaching 120 hectares. currently

Our wines

One of its greatest revolutions is the unification within the same company of the tasks of production, elaboration and commercialization of its wines.

We make the varieties of Garnacha, Tempranillo, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon for red wines, in whites we work with Airén, Chardonnay, Macabeo and Moscatel.

Our Vineyards

Within the Wineries and Vineyards project, we elaborate, market and cultivate our vineyards with great effort.

Wine tourism

Our greatest pride is Our Earth. A unique land capable of sheltering, drop by drop, the fruit of our effort under the ancestral flavor of tradition.

Our olive oil

Our oil is the result of the harvest of a Cooperative founded in 1957, in La Mancha, “famous for its Windmills and the struggles and disputes of the simpar Don Quijote de la Mancha, considering that they were not mills, which were giant, in the heart of Castilla La Mancha.

At present, it has 1300 partners that cultivate the varieties of Arbequina, Picual and Cornicabra olives, in a privileged location, with high percentages of natural and fertile nutrients, where the influences of the soil on the organoleptic profile of the fruit are noted, considered intense in polyphenols, which allows us to market our brand of Vallée-Monge Extra Virgin Olive Oil in different packaging formats.

We work to enjoy this gastronomic jewel, considered as “Authentic Olive Juice”, which we have managed to maintain over the years with our motto “Simply Natural”.